Lenovo Laptops with support for WiMAX - details

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A few days ago, the major notebook manufacturers have announced that they will offer models with support for mobile WiMAX. Among them was a company, and Lenovo. So, now in the Lenovo laptops will always be a fast wireless Internet, allows you to watch and send mail, download large files, watch movies, listen to music online, make phone calls and organize the videoconference at any time and anywhere.

«We are pleased to offer our customers new solutions and technologies that make their lives more mobile, - said Denis Reshin, CEO of Lenovo Eastern Europe / Asia. - Lenovo has always sought to provide consumers the most advanced solutions to which we belong, and Mobile WiMAX. Vstraivaya Intel Mobile WiMAX in the line of ThinkPad notebooks and IdeaPad, we give people the opportunity to be in contact with each other anywhere and at any time ».

IdeaPad Y530, a multimedia laptop to the final consumer, will be the first model from Lenovo with built adapter Intel WiMAX / Wi-Fi. It will appear in April. In May, Lenovo will introduce netbuki S-series with integrated adapter Intel WiMAX / Wi-Fi. Lenovo also plans to gradually equip such adapter, all series of ThinkPad notebooks for users who are primarily valued by Ultra and productivity.

«We believe that with the advent of Mobile WiMAX, a new stage in the development of mobile laptops. A Wi-Fi technology a lot of restrictions - reach, speed data transmission, etc. At the same time, laptops are able to deal with an increasingly wide range of tasks, from computing to the serious graphic design. With the new 4G Mobile WiMAX Laptops will open a new page in the history of mobile computers », - said Yuli Bai, deputy director of Lenovo Eastern Europe / Asia.