On arrival the Netbook with Windows 7

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

By the end of this month are a few notebooks / netbooks shipped in the U.S. and other markets characterized by an operating system "special" ... or will Windows 7 Starter Edition as announced in February.

This version of Windows 7 has some limitations compared to other versions of "7" which goes beyond the inability to use the Aero says a spokesperson for Microsoft to BetaNews.

This does not mean that the issues most "precious" of Windows 7 are not able to run on netbooks, but rather that this is a choice for the OEM market for pre-installation of a limited edition on netbooks.

Any deployment of Windows 7 will be able to run on netbooks, which means that the hardware limitations of a Netbook is not a limitation for Windows 7 ... With Windows 7, Microsoft is on track to have an operating system with a smaller footprint, improved user interface that should allow a faster speed startup and shutdown, the improvement of energy management for increased battery life, increased ability to support and greater reliability, stability and security.

The limitations that may be in the "Starter Edition" that could compete with the ability of a limited number of applications in multitasking.

This limited version will allow Netbook not grow much of the cost of PC-end "low" for the markets or areas in the developing world will not limit the experience of the new Windows