RunKeeper track your sports activities in real-time voice feedback

Sunday, April 19, 2009

RunKeeper is a very useful tuttigli sport that uses GPS to track your sports activities. The special features compared to other similar applications such MotionX-GPS version that contains the fee even voice feedback in real time. It means that you can use headphones without the need every minute to see the display.

You can view many real-time information:

  • Duration of the trip / activity
  • Distance
  • Rhythm
  • Speed
  • vs altitude / speed
  • walking path on the map

Available in 2 versions:

  • Pro: no ads, voice feedback of mileage and time spent. Price 0.79 euros.
  • Free with ads, no voice feedack.

Other features:

  • Viewing the route on the map and history of their races / activities on the iPhone via Web or creating an account on the site
  • There is also the chance to share performances with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • simulate a race already in place for several minutes to see your performance by clicking on the bars of a histogram.

runkeeper pro download