New headphones KOSS Race Traker

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

KOSS American company had a significant expansion of the model range of headphones. One of the most interesting new products have become the only, as the producer of its kind professional headsets for riders, and extreme - KOSS Race Traker.

Construction of new items is original: the dual mounting (rigid and flexible back ogolovnoe) reliably record KOSS Race Traker user on the head. Thanks to this feature, the headphones do not slide off and not «fly» with fast driving, and in performing complex tricks.

New headphones have a pronounced emphasis on low frequencies, provide deep bass and volume. For the convenience of user KOSS Race Traker switch volume, in addition there is a switch mono / stereo, which is located in the cord.

Another significant and enjoyable part of headphones - their design. KOSS Race Traker justify its clear title and in this way: construction is a combination of throws in the red and black, the dish - the symbolic start checkered flag.