Nortel's innovative technology for corporate networks

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Company Nortel introduced new products for data transfer - a fast, efficient and secure, and attractive in price than similar competitors' solutions. They are specifically designed to support advanced business applications working in real time. A variety of new Nortel solution enables companies to build more efficient and productive network. Recent technological developments and methods, energy-efficient equipment and innovative features - all this allows you to build a network that minimizes the cost of equipment and maintenance, optimizing all available resources and reduce operating costs and expenses, while at the same time laying the foundation for the introduction of unified communications.

Nortel solutions for data transmission designed for applications working in real time, allowing companies to make easier and faster than their operating processes. On the basis of conventional products for data transmission of redundancy, efficiency, productivity, security and compatibility with the products of other suppliers, the company Nortel introduced new products that are designed to optimize the work of the organization, thereby giving it additional competitive advantages. All this is based on the company's commitment to innovative development Nortel product line for data transmission, which not so long ago, updated and which are estimated independent experts, provides performance up to 20 times higher reliability to 7 times better, and the total cost of ownership up to 50% lower than with other similar decisions.

So, for example, Virtual Services Platform 9000 (VSP 9000) - is the latest high-performance solution for the base of Nortel data network. By ensuring the performance of two times higher than that of similar solutions, it is specially designed for critical campus networks and data centers where reliability, flexibility and support functions of a virtual network. VSP 9000 allows companies to realize the benefits of a simplified infrastructure that is able to virtualize the network elements for the full and efficient use of servers and network capabilities, thus reducing the burden on staff and resources.

Unified Communications Management (UCM) - This new solution is Nortel, which brings together the management, configuration, maintenance and deployment of unified communications solutions for centralized and integrated infrastructure management of voice and data. The decision to centralize management of UCM performs heterogeneous network resources to make the process of a network is easier, resulting in reduced costs and a more effective system of unified communications.