Everio GZ-MG630

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Company JVC displays on the market for a basic camcorder hard drive a new model range - Everio GZ-MG630. Like all models in 2009, the camera is more compact and ergonomic. However, the added functionality of the camera - 60 GB hard drive, an automatic opening / closing the shutter of the lens, the lamp lights and a new strap-locking. Moreover, like all the cameras in 2009, this model is compatible with the iPod and iPhone through the included in the kit of Pixela Everio Browser, which deals with the conversion of files in understandable format for iTunes.

35 times zoom lens from Konica Minolta will allow otsnyat most distant objects, but the maximum capacity on the hard drive will fit up to 14 hours and 20 minutes of recording. Additionally, a slot for cards microSD. 1/6-dyuymovaya CCD-matrix has a resolution of 800 000 points. Any video can be uploaded to YouTube in one-touch by using software that is included in the kit.

Camcorder GZ-MG630 is in three colors - red, blue, silver. Strap is fixed in the camera body for easy transport on the wrist.