Samsung Omnia II will be released with the Windows Mobile 6.5

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Austrian branch of Microsoft has issued a press release stating that communicator Samsung Omnia II i8000 will be released in this country in September. Moreover, the model will initially run on the operating system Windows Mobile 6.5. In Austria, Omnia II i8000 will be sold at the largest operator of A1. It was unclear whether any European countries, the Communicator earlier and still is running a previous version of the operating system.

Recall previously reported that the Samsung Omnia II i8000 released quite soon, and will initially be based on Windows Mobile 6.1, and then, after the release of version 6.5, obtain the appropriate update. For example, according to the news, the North American version of the device will be the operator Verizon already this month.