Emulator of Windows XP will not work on laptops Sony Vaio

Monday, August 10, 2009

The company Microsoft, seeking to avoid compatibility issues for various operating systems is developing an emulator Windows XP. It must ensure that programs written for the Windows OS on devices running Windows 7. Now, however, revealed that not all devices will allow to run this emulator. In particular, laptops Sony Vaio Z series can not provide it.

The problem lies in the fact that in the BIOS of the laptop off the possibility of using the Virtual Technology from Intel, provided they set the processor Intel Core 2 Duo. Moreover, this problem can not be solved in the near future. According to a senior sales manager of Sony Vaio, the freezing of this function was taken due to lack of appropriate use, and the release will lead to imminent not operate the system. For any details, company is not informed.

The situation is strange, because a company Sony is actively promoting Windows 7, the owners of notebooks offering a free upgrade older versions.