Games for PSPgo will be cheap

Monday, August 17, 2009

Shortly before the conference Gamescom became known in Germany preparing for the opening price on-line store PlayStation Network (PSN). One of the major weaknesses of Sony gaming products considered it quite a high price (for new PSPgo is $ 250) and the lack of service similar to App Store. The company made the findings and, together with the new console is planning to launch a similar service. Already known prices for the game to PSPgo, which consist of 1, 2 and 5 euro for one game. Thus, it appears that the PSN will be cheaper to App Store, since there the most expensive games cost $ 10.

To achieve such a reduction in the price of Sony managed by engaging in the development of the game is not only large companies but also small firms. A similar plan for strategic development, we have already written earlier. In addition, it was reported that Sony will attract developers previously worked with Apple. The goal is not only the development of new games, but the adaptation of existing ones. This is solely about the alterations the screen resolution (PSPgo and iPhone have a different ratio of the screen) and control system - the logic of the game and its appearance will remain the same.

Total in developing games for consoles PSPgo and existing models of PSP will be involved over 50 different companies, with the full list (along with the produced games) will be known on 1 October, together with the release PSPgo.