Samsung has begun deliveries of the external 1.8-inch hard drive capacity record

Monday, August 10, 2009

Samsung Electronics Company announced the start of deliveries, as she claims, the industry's first Ultra-S1 Mini hard drive capacity of 250 GB, which is 56% higher than the previous 160-gigabaytnoy model S1 Mini. The new modification is based on 1.8-inch HDD Spinpoint N3U controller with integrated USB (technology Samsung USB On-board). Earlier line S1 Mini has been a model of a capacity of 120 and 160 GB. Now in this series, in addition to the existing drives are the storage capacity of 200 and 250 GB.

In addition, the words of the company, its external hard drives support different user friendly features, including Samsung Auto Backup. This feature makes it possible to perform backups in real time or on schedule. Besides storage technology supports SecretZone, which allows to encrypt and store the information on the virtual drive, as well as SafetyKey - a powerful feature dual password protection of data.