Mini-PC Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500 - small but perfectly formed

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Company introduced the Fujitsu mini PC Esprimo Q1500. This device is positioned as a model for business and for those consumers who are looking for a small computer to save space on your desktop, as well as electricity. As a rule, modern mini-computers using Intel Atom processors and can not offer enough performance, which is required for some users.

As the producer, a mini-computer Esprimo Q1500 has a size comparable to the dimensions of a CD-drive, high, he only 5 cm, and the device weighs 1.7 kg. For the model of this size it has a fairly productive hardware stuffing. Esprimo Q1500 is based on the Intel Core 2 Duo, has 4 GB of RAM and hard disk 320 GB. Optionally supports Blu-ray.

Communication possibilities include six ports USB, HDMI. Computer consumes only 19 watts in standby mode. According to the company, the cooling system works so efficiently, that the noise is almost not hear, and is only 17 dB in the standby mode and 24 dB in operation. Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500 Deliveries will begin later this month. Computer cost range from 699 euros.