Sony PS3 Slim 250 GB - in mid-December in Japan

Friday, September 25, 2009

We have already reported that the game console Sony PS3 Slim, whose worldwide sales officially started on September 1, can get a version of the 250 GB. And now the company Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), which is a division of Sony Computer Entertainment, announced a future appearance on the Japanese market, a set of PlayStation 3 FINAL FANTASY XIII LIGHTNING EDITION, which includes the wider version of the console. Recall now selling Sony PS3 Slim model is equipped with a hard drive with a capacity of 120 GB.

A new set will appear in Japanese stores on December 17. It will include the very gaming console PS3 Slim, white with a capacity of 250 GB, Controller DUALSHOCK3 the same colors, as well as the latest video game Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition. This upper bound on the console will be done to the image game character Lightning.