Steve Ballmer admits - "We screwed up" with Windows Mobile

Friday, September 25, 2009

At the Summit Venture Capital Summit in Mountain View (California), where there were about 200 investors, venture capitalists, and the present head of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer). He revealed some interesting details about the new mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 7, which is now being prepared and should be released next year. And, of course, his words immediately spread throughout the network.

Ballmer expressed his regret that Windows Mobile 7 has not yet released, and then followed by a rather candid statement about the fact that Microsoft, in fact, failed in Windows Mobile. New version of the platform should have been released, but this has not happened. The company had to almost completely change the team, working in this field. Ballmer says that such mistakes do not happen, since Microsoft managed to find "some new talent. It is hoped that Windows Mobile 7 will be up and out, if possible, in the near future.