SwiMP3v2: MP3 player for underwater use

Friday, September 18, 2009

The company introduced the updated version of the Finis MP3 player SwiMP3, received unpretentious name SwiMP3v2. The device is designed for those who prefer to swim in the sea or the pool is not just, as with the music. And the music personal. MP3 player SwiMP3v2 - stereo device that transmits sound directly into the central ear through the bones of the skull.

The device is very similar to the mass of similar products aimed at the "sport" use - ie has minimal functionality, but small in size and do not hinder active exercise. Player can only play music stored in internal memory capacity of 1 GB. The only external connector - USB, which is pumped through the music and the battery is charging. One charge, according to the manufacturer, sufficient for 10 hours.

Model SwiMP3v2 already gone on sale around the world and in online stores costs about $ 150.