The advantages of DirectX 11 for Windows Vista SP2

Friday, October 30, 2009

If you are running Windows Vista (SP2) and do not plan to switch to Windows 7, and at the same time wish to appreciate the advantages of DirectX 11 technology, the following message should be of interest to you. Microsoft has provided an opportunity to install in Windows Vista, DirectX 11 features that were previously available only in the latest version of the OS.

To implement this feature requires you to download from the Microsoft website called Service Pack Platform Update for Windows Vista. In the description of the package states that it contains components that are implemented in DirectX 11, for example, DirectCompute. This component is a technology with which graphics cards are capable of performing general-purpose computation. After installing Platform Update for Windows Vista you want to restart your computer.

However, it should be remembered that the benefits of a new set of libraries DirectX 11 has remained virtually unfulfilled. Support for this technology only appeared in new video cards ATI Radeon HD 5xxx, and the first game based on it will be a racing simulator DiRT 2, whose release on the PC platform, is scheduled for Dec. 1.