Amazon Kindle E-book - in Russia from October 19

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A representative of Amazon Christine Heger told RIA Novosti that since October 19, Amazon Kindle e-book will be on sale in Russia. Specifically, Russia will be one of the 100 countries that will be an international version of the device. Content for the Amazon Kindle can be downloaded in a vast special catalog, which includes more than 290 thousand books in English, as well as periodicals, including international. In the U.S., load is carried on the networks of EV-DO, in Russia it will apparently, GPRS / EDGE or 3G.

Kindle price is $ 279 (excluding taxes), and the price of electronic books - about $ 6 - $ 12. According to Christine Heger, Amazon is to "reach out to everyone who loves to read in English in Russia - and to foreigners living in Russia, to Russians - for everyone who loves English books." While it is not clear if it would somehow get to the Amazon Kindle book in Russian. Heger also noted that Russia's readers will be available to all services, except for blogging and some pilot sites, but later they will. In addition, the Amazon Kindle has a built-in New Oxford American Dictionary.