AMD Phenom II N820 - three core notebook

Saturday, October 24, 2009

AMD has plans to introduce triple-core processor for laptops in the second quarter of 2010. The new CPU is called AMD Phenom II N820 and is actually a quad-core with one deactivated. We also know that this chip will be part of the mobile platform Danube, which is scheduled for release next year.

Triple core processor AMD Phenom II N820 is equipped with a 1.5 MB shared cache (512 KB per core), 128-bit block FPU, and supports DDR3 1333 and the HyperTransport bus speed from 3.6 GT / sec. In addition, the function is supported by AMD-V, and a TDP of the chip is 35 watts.

On the clock speed of the CPU while nothing is known. Assumed only that the AMD Phenom II N820 is a mobile version of the quad Phenom II N920, which has virtually the same specifications, but more than one nucleus.