Android 2.0 on the HTC Dream

Friday, October 30, 2009

Operating System Android 2.0 reported only this week, but thanks to the free flow, enthusiasts have applied it to the devices on which it is not really expected. Italian experts were able to establish a basic version of the Eclair on the smartphone HTC Dream (also known as T-Mobile G1). System is incomplete and expect the same quick-work both at Motorola Droid is not necessary, but the fact of the possibility of work on a smartphone a year ago demonstrated.

Currently in the public version of Android 2.0 Android Market applications, no other applications from Google. Also exhibited at the sample is not possible to install additional applications. However, at the very core of the latest version of Android added quite a few features borrowed from the interfaces HTC Sense and MOTOBLUR. This fact can cause various proceedings between the producers of software, but for the end user of their introduction - unconditional blessing. In the long term will amateur firmware that will work correctly with the device, but for now you can see the demo version of the Android 2.0 to the HTC Dream:


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