Annex Nokia HealthRadar help fight the spread of disease

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Controlling the disease in remote parts of the world is an important factor in managing and understanding the spread of infection. That is why Nokia has created an application Nokia HealthRadar, designed to speed up the tracking of diseases through mobile devices. As a means of gathering information, which helps people on the ground to control the spread of infection from a mobile phone, HealthRadar also allows for almost real-time access to information.

The first and most significant stage in the implementation of the software is to collect data. Fast and accurate collection of information, which is then sent straight to a central server, will accelerate the current time-consuming paperwork. At the second stage is the aggregation of data, which allows you to recreate the picture of what is happening and where. Getting the information being processed by local practitioners is the third and final stage, which allows them to take appropriate action.

In addition, described the program has a corresponding control panel that allows users to receive software quick access to key information, including daily updates, map GeoHealth, which highlighted the intensity of the disease in the local clinics, as well as to compare the current picture with the previous dates in the form of statistical schedule.

Here is the software:

Panel HealthRadar:

Toolkit for compiling and sending reports to the server using the SMS:

Inbox with daily reports on diseases:

GeoHealth: map visualization of intensity distribution of the disease by area: