Ballmer: Xbox 360 will get Blu-ray drive as an accessories

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Resources Gizmodo managed to get an exclusive interview with head of Microsoft's Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer). It Ballmer spoke about the prospects for the emergence of the optical drive Blu-ray on the Xbox 360 game console, but also touched upon the draft Natal, is not the first month of stirring a networked community.

On the inclusion in the game console Xbox optical drive Blu-ray, Ballmer said that he was not convinced of the need to release the console with built-in Blu-ray functionality. However, interested persons can purchase in the future, Blu-ray drive as an accessory.

Unfortunately, the terms of implementation of this idea remains unclear. A representative of Xbox, to which reporters asked for comment, indicated that for high-quality films of eager fans on the Xbox 360 this autumn already implemented service Zune Video, where the video quality of Blu-ray will be transmitted in streaming mode in the resolution of 1080p.

Regarding the details of the project Natal even less. However, the question of whether the project is Microsoft's attempt to get rid of the need to change generations of video game console Xbox, thus prolonging the existence of the platform for an indefinite period, Ballmer smiled knowingly and said: "We'll see."