Bone Collection: USB-accessories with an unusual design

Monday, October 12, 2009

On Russia's market fall Adapter USB Link and funny USB-hub Doggy Link to us Fruitshop International. Adapter USB Link will connect an external hard drive, camera, cell phone to a laptop or desktop computer through the USB connector on one side and mini-USB on the other. At the same time to clear the place is constantly busy on the table do not have - a flexible cable enables convenient to place the hook technique. Owners of laptops will be able to take the USB Link with me, he weighs just 13 grams and fits in your pocket.

Splitter Doggy Link, equipped with LED-indicator, is ideal for those who do not have enough free USB-port - the problem is particularly acute for owners of laptops and netbooks. An unusual and pleasing to the touch splitter allows two devices to connect directly to a USB-port. Doggy Link looks like an original - in the traditional style of Bone. Recommended cost will be - 75 rubles for USB Link and 258 rubles for Doggy Link.