Canyon CNR-HS8 - ergonomic headset for IP telephony

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Canyon company introduced a new ergonomic headset for IP telephony. Unlike the majority of the market-making, model CNR-HS8 distinguished by the presence of a compact microphone mounted on a short guide of the left speaker. Model CNR-HS8 - a combination of portable stereo headphones and compact microphone located on the body of the left speaker. Good sensitivity in combination with a spherical radiation pattern provides reliable transmission of speech. This product is suitable for communication over the Internet, and for listening to music.

Housing headphones built on the classical scheme, they are firmly fixed on the head of the listener and displaced as a result of prolonged use. Adjustable shackle head allows to choose the optimum length, in accordance with user preference. Headphone speakers are equipped with open-ear cups are made from pleasant to the touch of soft tissue. They almost completely cover the ears, without creating excess pressure.

Headset Canyon CNR-HS8 is suitable for personal computers and laptops, it is fully compatible with all known programs such as Skype, and SipNet. Headset Canyon CNR-HS8 is available now. Suggested retail price is 399 rubles. At the Canyon is available proprietary products warranty duration of 24 months.