Dell Adamo XPS is Under 1cm Thick

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dell has demonstrated the concept of a device called the Dell Adamo XPS. With what right and in the form of computer graphics and "live". The demonstration was intended to impress, and she was impressed. The thickness of this model is only 9.99 mm. For comparison, a commercially available laptop Dell Adamo has a thickness of 16.51 mm, while its competitor, MacBook Air and does a 19.3 mm in the thickest part.

There is, of course, a question: what Dell engineers have managed to put in this building, which is thin even by the standards-clamshell phone? For him no answer. At a presentation was shown only the body but not a word was said about the fact that inside it.


Dell Laptop Battery said...

Dell is pushing the bar further than ever before. With the Latitude's new innovations as what I like to call the "Super Mac Book Pro" and the now thinnest ever computer of barely 10mm thick, Dell is determined to stay on top of the competition. If the Adamo has all the features that the Latitude has then there will be no computer to come close to the magnificence of this machine. As long as Dell has discovered a way to avoid the overheating problems that Mac notebooks have, then there is no reason why it should not have at least double the sales of the Mac Book Air.