Epson produces display controller with USB interface

Friday, October 30, 2009

Epson has announced shipment of the controller color displays based TFT-panels, equipped with interface USB. Widespread support for a host processor with Hi-Speed USB enabled to use the USB cable into an internal channel for the transmission of color images. Two-way transmission of digital data (up to 480 Mbps), support for long cables (up to 5 meters), the power supply (current of 500 mA, 5 V) and power-saving features (the transition into standby mode and resuming USB) - these characteristics USB 2.0 interface made possible innovations in the field of embedded systems with displays.

The new controller uses a USB interface for transmission in both directions as information about the image on a color TFT panel, and data entry with touch screen / keypad. This has replaced the previously required many internal lines of communication with a single USB cable. In addition, the new chip has been possible to reduce the space occupied by the wires that connect the CPU and TFT panel, and use long cables and special types of connections (eg, pivot). The controller is designed primarily for the display of office and industrial equipment, advertising on-screen panels, gaming equipment. Supported screen resolutions from QVGA up to SVGA, 24 bits per pixel.