Ericsson Spider Computer - Compact PC-spider with projection screen and keyboard

Friday, October 30, 2009

The company Ericsson has demonstrated at the exhibition Taiwan Broadband concept of the Spider Computer. This is an unusual name, however, is very suited to it: the device is really like a spider on three legs.

There is no standard for the modern computer components, including display and keyboard, it does not. More precisely, there is no hardware components of this type: they are implemented with the help of projections. The case is built only a battery, projector, card reader and adapter 3G. The model is very compact and obviously intended as an alternative to a laptop. However, to realize the concept is planned no earlier than 2020.

In addition to completely deactivated Spider Computer demonstrated a similar, but somewhat larger and not a "spider" device. It has already, at least, capable of creating a projection of the keyboard on the table. Obviously, Ericsson is working in this direction and plans to implement such technologies. Perhaps a simplified version of Spider Computer will appear before 2020. Even if it is not a miniature, still, its dimensions - much less than today's laptops.


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