Hitachi creates a 56-inch projection screen with touch capabilities

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Japanese company Hitachi has created a desktop system to realize the function of the touch screen in the projected image. The system consists of completely normal room projector Hitachi CP-A100J, as well as special wireless interactive panel UPIC 56-M. It allows you to identify and track the movement of digital stylus on a huge projection screen with a diagonal of 56 inches

This system works as follows. Interactive panel UPIC 56-M is covered by multiple nearly invisible microdots, which, despite the tiny size, well recognized electronic "pen". In addition, the stylus is able to recognize and eight levels of clicking on the surface. All data transmitted over the Bluetooth channel to the control computer, which is also connected and the projector. Thus, using the stylus touches can manage the projected image.

Actually, the principle of this system is nothing new. Almost as work and so-called "smart boards" used in schools and colleges. However, the undoubted plus of the Hitachi is that it is fairly compact. The projector is easy to put on the table, and an interactive panel may roll in a roll, do without the wires, and the magnetization back makes it easy to hang it on the wall.