HP Pavilion dv8 officially announced in Britain

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HP Notebook, released in the leak "winter" catalog companies were officially announced. In addition to multimedia Pavilion dv8 was announced and the release of updated versions of entertainment dv7 and dv6. All laptops are different not only high performance but also the original design. 15.6-inch dv6 and 17.3-inch dv7 can now be equipped with Intel Core i7 processors and AMD Turion II ultra Dual Core, as well as the graphics adapter from NVIDIA and the main memory DDR3 SDRAM.

Notebook HP Pavilion dv8 has 18.4-inch screen, built-in TV tuner, Blu-Ray drive and built-in subwoofer belongs to the upper class of today's mobile computers. In addition to the characteristics of high performance and functionality, it also has low power consumption and concise batteries that are capable of withstanding more than 1000 charge / discharge cycles, that is 2-3 times higher than conventional batteries show.

In the sale of laptops, HP received October 22, and their value will be 1300 pounds for the HP Pavilion dv8 and HP Pavilion dv8 £ 600 and £ 450 for the model dv7 and dv6 respectively.