The Japanese have developed the smallest 40 nm chip memory DDR3 SDRAM with a density of 2 Gbit

Friday, October 9, 2009

Japanese company Elpida announced the finalization of the world's smallest memory chips DDR3 SDRAM with a density of 2 Gbps. This chip is manufactured according to the norms of 40 nm, and because of its size developers has managed to increase the volume of products received from a single silicon wafer, 44 per cent compared with the previous generation 50-nm chips DDR3 SDRAM. Thus for the memory DDR3, clocked at 1600 MHz and having a bandwidth of 1.6 Gbit / s, the output quality chip reaches 100 percent.

In addition, the compact 40 nm chips are energy-efficient solutions. Their energy consumption by two-thirds less than at 50 nm DDR3 DRAM chips from Elpida. This new chips capable of operating at the level of tension in the 1.2 volts, 1.35 volts or 1.5 volts. Production of the first samples of 40 nm memory chips DDR3 SDRAM with a density of 2 Gbps to begin in November, and mass production of such decisions Elpida promises to establish by the end of the year.