Mitsubishi's Modular 155-Inch OLED Screen

Friday, October 9, 2009

At the CEATEC exhibition in 2009 the Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric has demonstrated its latest development - a giant Diamond Vision OLED screen with a diagonal of 155 inches. This screen itself, like a mosaic, composed of 720 small OLED panels measuring 10 x 10 cm

Using similar technology, in principle, possible to create an OLED screen is arbitrarily large, the image in which brightness and saturation, as well as in terms of resolution far beyond the traditional LCD and LED displays. However, looking at a modular screen is best with a respectful distance, because upon closer inspection, the image on it falls into the red, green and blue component.

Mitsubishi plans to eventually start using such systems, OLED screens in digital advertising and information panels and monitors placed in public places, as well as the placards on trains and buses. However, this will reduce the cost of production of OLED panels and increase their life, is now only about two and a half years.