Motorola introduced a series of photo frames

Friday, October 30, 2009

On the eve of New Year celebrations are growing in popularity Frames, which are considered a good gift. Motorola is well as other manufacturers introduced a new series of photo frames. In line includes five models: LS1000W, LS420 Duo, LS720D, LS700 and LS1000. Of these, the most interesting options are models LS1000W and LS420 Duo, the first of which has wireless capability, and the second has an additional screen.

The simplest models are the LS700 and LS1000, which represent a simple photo frames with a diagonal of seven and ten inches, and their functional is minimal, although the LS1000 module is mounted Wi-Fi. LS420 Duo and LS720D differ in screen sizes (two 4.2-inch, versus two 7.2-inch), as well as the larger model comes with a remote control, built-in speakers and MP3 player. In both photo frame is one of the screens is designed to display the calendar and time. The model with the index LS1000W has a 10.4-inch screen, 512 MB vsvtroennoy memory, MP3 player, alarm clock, calendar, and supports Frame Channels. This is the most expensive model series. Its cost in the UK is £ 200. Prices for other models range from 50 pounds for the most simple LS700, to 150 for 10-inch LS1000.