NVIDIA claims Fermi could run highly optimized Linux

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chip Fermi can be used to work with the operating system. This resource in an interview Fudzilla said senior vice president of NVIDIA Tony Tamasi (Tony Tamasi), corresponding to the company's strategy with regard to graphics processors.

Of course, this does not mean that the graphics chip-based architecture Fermi able to replace conventional CPU and run, for example, of Windows. However, if you develop a special distribution of Linux, seriously optimized for this architecture, the chip Fermi potentially able to work with such a software platform.

Thus, we can conclude that the graphics chips Fermi receive a lot of interesting and useful features that will be needed in the field of computing. However, Fermi, of course, will not be replacing traditional central processors, although it definitely is more than a standard GPU. Would be more correct to call these chips CGPU, where the letter C indicates Somputation (calculation). In other words, Fermi is a peculiar hybrid of central and graphics chip.