Toshiba began selling direct Methanol fuel cell power in Japan

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Japanese firm Toshiba announced the commencement of sales from October 29, its first direct methanol fuel cell power - Dynario, which will serve as an external power source for recharging mobile digital equipment such as mobile phones and players with a USB cable.

Dynario complete with cartridges for refilling on the fly, which will be released limited edition of 3000 pieces. will be available only in Internet shop Shop1048, where you can already make reservations.

Such a fuel cell battery running on methanol, whose filling is carried out for 20 seconds and which, as the company says, should be enough to fully charge two of today's mobile phones.

Cost Dynario will be 29,800 Yen (~ $ 325), and a set of five cartridges refills will cost Japanese consumers at 3,150 Yen (~ $ 35).