Wikireader the most powerful online encyclopedia Wikipedia can be with you always and everywhere

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Many "advanced" users are already accustomed to such "intelligent" web services like Wikipedia and have been "enlightened" and aimed at "true path" of the online encyclopaedia. But what to do if the Internet is not at hand? Company Openmoko this taken care of and has released an electronic device WikiReader. This electronic encyclopaedia, the size of an ordinary PDA, contains three million articles in English Wikipedia.

WikiReader very easy to use and control: touch screen, keypad, three control buttons - button to enter your search query «seach», button «history» for movement on the history of search queries and the button «random» read the articles in random order.

On assurances of the company, two standard "finger» AAA batteries will be enough to work with the device for one year. In principle, seems to be true, as displayed on the screen just black and white text.

Buy Wikireader possible on WikiReader Pocket Wikipedia price of $ 99. The memory card with the "three million articles" comes. Update database of articles in two ways: free download from the Internet or buy a microSD memory card with the updated database for $ 29. Yes, you will arrive with Power ... Knowledge.