Xilence FL.17 - passive cooling for notebooks

Friday, October 9, 2009

Company XILENCE submitted to Russia's market cooler Xilence FL.17, designed for effective, silent cooling notebooks with screen sizes less than 15, 4 inches. With the increasing power, performance and functionality of portable PCs, users are increasingly choosing a laptop as the main working platform and expect them to operate reliably in any environment: office, traveling, on vacation.

Due to the increasing length of the load on the laptop built-in cooling system is often unable to provide a decent standard of "cool" to "unreal" laptop. To protect the notebook PC from overheating during long time, you can use a passive cooler Xilence FL.17. The design of the cooler Xilence FL.17 can increase the gap between the bottom of the notebook and a working surface that provides an additional flow of air to vent. With a slight bow of the device notebook can be placed under the necessary angle, thus creating a comfortable environment for work.