Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W and 1000 W modular

Monday, October 12, 2009

Company Xilence submitted to Russia's market PSU Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W and 1000 W modular, designed for use in high-performance gaming systems with multiple graphics cards that meet the requirements and expectations of technology enthusiasts.

Power supply compatible with all components size ATX 2.2. Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W corresponds to the standard EPS 12V 2.92. To address the specific challenges gamers, overclockers and fans of high-performance PC has different types of connectors, allowing to feed a large number of modern peripherals. Power supplies come with two video card power connectors 6 +2 PCI-Express and a few 6-pin power connectors PCI-Express (two for Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W and 4 in Xilence Gaming Edition 1000 W), which enables the use of modern graphics system the basis of one or more cards of last generation.

In addition, the power supply can be connected to a large number of SATA connectors (6 in Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W and 12 in Xilence Gaming Edition 1000 W), which allows not limit yourself to connect devices with interface SATA (hard disks, CD and DVD drives ). Xilence The company also provides users connectors needed to connect other modern components. For the motherboard power than the standard 24 (20 +4) pin ATX connector provides an additional 4 +4 PIN 12V (MB), to supply the hard disks and disk drives (HDD, FDD) connectors are Small 4PIN (1 oz Xilence Gaming Edition 1000 W and 2 in Xilence Gaming Edition 750) and connectors Big 4PIN (6 in 750-watt power supply and 7 in tysyachivattnogo BP).

Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W and 1000 W modular have a modular structure, whereby the power cables are connected through a special additional connectors. For high-quality cooling has a large 135-milimmitrovy fan, which, despite the high productivity remains low. Also, good cooling and noise reduction contributes to the use of technology to control the work of the fan depending on temperature. In addition, the power supply 750 W Gaming Edition provides a connector 3Pin Fan Detector and wires for the transmission of signals by which the operating system can monitor the status of the fan and react to failure, as this power supply has three connectors 3Pin Case Fan for fan power.

Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W and 1000 W modular have an active PFC (switching power supply), which achieves close to the ideal power factor, and significantly improves the function of BP. Active PFC possible to additionally stabilize the input voltage and improve the response of the power supply during short-term (milliseconds) line voltage dips. In addition, PSU Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W has a multi-stage system of protection against unforeseen circumstances - a short circuit, overvoltage, overload current, or power, also provides sverhtemperaturnaya protection. The power supply Xilence Gaming Edition 1000 W implemented automatic support a range of input voltages Full Range, component 115/230V.

Stable stress distribution in the power supply provides multiple 12V circuits. Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W has three separate lines of 12V, which provide a current of 20 A on two lines and 36 A on the other. More powerful Xilence Gaming Edition 1000 W has had six 12-volt lines, where the four force withstand current 20 A, the other two - 33 A. Both have independent power supply circuit for tires +5 V and +3.3 V, allowing the voltage at one bus does not depend on the load on the other. PSU Xilence 750 W and 750 certified program 80 PLUS, which confirms that the power supply has a high efficiency (over 80%).


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