3D LED panel Sony with diagonal 280 inches shown in Japan

Saturday, November 21, 2009

3D displays have become an important new theme for TV manufacturers. Despite the lack of appropriate content, all new companies are developing their system for displaying three-dimensional image. However, the market leaders, too, try not to lose their positions. For example, Sony Corporation struck visitors International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition 2009, held in Japan, a giant 3D panel "3D LED Wall", whose diagonal is equal to 280 inches (over 7 meters).

3D panel Sony, according to the resource TechOn, has dimensions of 6,4 x 3,4 meters, and to improve the quality of the image it is applied LED backlight (LED). By this device somehow did not quite fit the word "panel" - a real wall, composed of seventy-LED displays with a diagonal of 28 inches each. At the same time for viewing three-dimensional image is required to wear special 3D glasses.