Cisco will release a Flip Video with Wi-Fi

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It was learned that the company Cisco after the acquisition of Pure Digital is preparing to release a new model of compact camcorder Flip Video. Told Pocket-lint resource with reference to the official representative at Cisco. According to him, the new device receives a large display and wireless support Wi-Fi. However, in this case, apparently, is only a relatively large display, since the Camcorder is very compact, and the front panel must fit not only display but also the control buttons.

Recall small Flip Video digital camcorder the size of a mobile phone can shoot video and immediately upload it to the broadcasts. In previous versions of a USB connector, which lets you connect your device to your computer. And with the new Flip Video, apparently, can be connected to the network and Wi-Fi. A new model of such a camcorder will hit the market in early 2010, its cost information yet.