Compact Philips GoGear MP3-Player RaGa

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Philips has introduced to Russia's market two MP3 player series GoGear RaGa: SA1922 and the SA1942 with a memory 2 and 4 GB. In GoGear player with equalizer technology is used to automatically adjust the optimum sound frequency balance for a chosen music style. Preset EQ enables you to enjoy optimum sound depending on the chosen style - Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Techno or Classic.

Voice Recording Function converts your player GoGear in voice recorder. In addition to playing music and listening to the radio player allows you to record notes and reminders, shopping lists and phone numbers, as well as lyrics. Just press the record button and begin speaking into the built-in microphone. Voice messages are compressed and stored in the built-in internal memory.

Three-line display not only shows the names of songs, past the playing time and battery status, but also allows you to navigate your music library and view details of a musical composition, such as album title and artist name. Digital Audio Players RaGa provide listeners playback MP3 and WMA playback for 27 hours.