DFI LANParty MI P55-T36 - motherboard for overclockers format mini-ITX

Monday, November 16, 2009

Motherboards for overclockers and enthusiasts are usually written in the format ATX. However, recently the market has several solutions in a more compact form factor micro-ATX, with impressive functionality and a set of overclocking options. But the company DFI decided to go even further and announced the release of functional motherboard LANParty MI P55-T36, performed in altogether too minimalist format mini-ITX.

Despite its small size (17 x 17 cm), motherboard DFI LANParty MI P55-T36 on the functionality in a little more bulky than the yield model. It is based on Intel P55 chipset and has two slots for DIMM modules with support for dual-channel DDR3 1333, as well as expansion slot PCIe x16. Addition, there is a high-quality sound chip Creative X-Fi and power supply system with the function of the digital pulse-width modulation (PWM).

Note that the DFI LANParty MI P55-T36 has become the world's first overclocking motherboard that was made in such a compact form factor as the mini-ITX. Among other things, it was Clear CMOS button and port Power eSATA, but the price and terms of marketing this exciting product is not yet known.


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It sells for $135 on Newegg

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