Dual graphics card ATI Radeon HD 5950 Photos

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The network has a powerful photographs the ATI Radeon HD 5950, the announcement is yet to come. This model is based on two GPUs Radeon HD 5850, as a result, it is already too long - 305 mm. For example, resource Alienbabeltech published comparative photos ATI Radeon HD 5950 and Radeon HD 5870, where it is clearly visible. Specifically, the images - an early engineering sample of a new video card.

Each GPU Radeon HD 5850 features 1440 stream processors, in turn, information about the graphics core clock speeds, shader, and memory yet. Among the connectors ATI Radeon HD 5950 - DVI Dual-Link, and mini DisplayPort, perhaps, in the final version of the set of ports will be different. It is assumed that the new accelerator will be released in late November.