External HDD ioSafe Solo to 2 terabytes - in the fire does not burn, water does not pass

Monday, November 16, 2009

Company ioSafe added to its line of external hard drives Solo's new flagship model, capable of storing up to 2 terabytes of user data. Like other solutions in the series, a new external HDD has a high-strength body attractive design, reliably protecting the device from fires and floods. For example, an external hard disk ioSafe Solo can without harm to itself withstand temperatures up to 843 degrees Celsius for half an hour, and placed in salt or fresh water to a depth of 3 meters in three days.

Secure external hard disk on the ioSafe Solo is equipped with 2 TB Interface USB 2.0 connection and is compatible with operating systems, Mac OS and Windows. The device is equipped with a three-year warranty, in addition, access to the special data recovery. Although no built-in software that protects the recorded data are not available for protection against kidnappers ioSafe Solo can be screwed to the floor or table or fix his special cable with a lock. External HDD ioSafe Solo 2 TB already appeared on sale at the price of 399 dollars, and its more affordable version with a capacity of 500 GB is $ 149.