Fujitsu introduces the concept of "zero client" - Zero Client

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fujitsu Europe Ltd. today announced Zero Client. As the producer, this is the first truly easy to manage smart client display device, designed to drastically reduce spending by organizations that use a large number of computer jobs. Device Fujitsu Zero Client, which does not need an operating system, processor, application, or backup local data, allows to organize a cost-effective connectivity to the desktop virtual machines (Desktop Virtual Machine, DVM).

Fujitsu Zero Client interface is a display device with a single cable to connect to the electrical and computer network. Traditional client systems (desktops, laptops) contain all the data, user profiles, applications, OS and processor. Thin clients can reduce costs and time spent on administration, but they still need an operating system, drivers, management software (both server side and client side). Unlike prior generations, Fujitsu Zero Client connects the interface device with the virtual desktop machine, that is, provides a link I / O devices to virtual machine located on the server.

Access to data can be obtained from any particular device that is included in the infrastructure, which simplifies administration. Defective terminal in the workplace is easily replaced, downtime is minimized, because the damaged virtual machine for a few minutes re-allocated resources, or carries out its recovery from a backup. Device Fujitsu Zero Client got its name ( "zero client") for the fact that no operating system, applications, data processors, system memory, fans or other moving components. In addition, it requires less maintenance and has a longer lifespan.

Device Fujitsu Zero Client presented at the conference Fujitsu VISIT, held in Munich (Germany), 18 and 19 November. Fujitsu Zero Client goes on sale in early 2010.


Anonymous said...

Check out
Fiddlehead. It is a TRUE Zero client. One PC, update BIOS, plug extra keyboards, monitors, and mice directly into the PC. No network connection, no extra thincluent card to install. Just like.a regular PC except it has 4 arts of input and output. Nothing like NComputing or LG or this.