Gigabyte presents its version of the Radeon HD 5970

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gigabyte Technology Company announced the launch of solutions in the line cards premium segment - its version of the Radeon HD 5970. Video Card GV-R597D5-2GD-B is designed to use on a single PCB dual processor ATI Radeon HD 5800 series, which are produced on 40 nm process technology and work with standard graphics memory GDDR5.

Video Card Gigabyte GV-R597D5-2GD-B is based on second-generation graphics processors TeraScale engine design ATI. 3200 stream processors and 4.3 billion transistors provide a capacity of more than 4.64 teraflops. Through the introduction of technology PCI Express 2.1, a video card is connected to the interface of PCI Express 16x standard 2.1. Graphics memory standard GDDR5 2 GB allows to increase the amount of data transmitted for 1 cycle, more than doubled compared with standard GDDR3 video memory on the same frequency. Technology ATI Eyefinity makes it possible to connect to a video card, three or more monitors and expand working space on all monitors. Also the video card supports Microsoft DirectX 11, which allows you to enjoy the real three-dimensional effects in games. Tessellation compression HDR-textures, and Multitreyding DirectCompute, which are part of DirectX 11, provide an opportunity for a fresh look at familiar game.

Site is equipped with a socket dual-link DVI-I and Mini Displayport. It also supports power management technology, ATI PowerPlay, which allows to get the maximum performance in terms of each watt of electricity is spent in those moments, when necessary, or to reduce power consumption to a minimum of idle computer or work in office applications.