Intel Atom Cedarview supports HD video and DirectX 10.1 will appear in 2011

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We know that Intel is currently preparing a new generation of Atom processors called Pineview, which will form part of the platform Pine Trail. Pineview chips include an integrated memory controller and GPU, which should lead to a reduction in the size platform and increase its efficiency. The first netbook platform Pine Trail M should appear on sale in the first quarter of 2010.

However, despite the obvious advantages of the new processor Atom Pineview, they never managed to get rid of their "tribal" lack of - a weak graphics component. Indeed, built-in video core Atom Pineview far gone in terms of performance of IGP in the existing "nuclear" platform. Simply put, netbooks on the platform Pine Trail M will be virtually useless for any modern games, or for viewing high-definition video.

However, not all so sad in the kingdom of Intel. Resources Fudzilla managed to find out that in the bowels of corporations are already working on next generation Atom chips called Cedarview. These CPU will be created on 32-nm process technology standards and become part of cost-effective platform Cedar Trail, and their integrated memory controller will support DDR3 1066.

But the most significant in the 32-nm chips Atom Cedarview should be a new graphics engine, which can support HD video, as well as technology, DirectX 10.1. In addition, the promised support for the format of Blu-ray, two displays, as well as interfaces LVDS, HDMI and DisplayPort. As you can see, looks very tempting, it is a pity, to wait for new processor Atom Cedarview have a long time. For accessible information, their release should take place only in 2011.