Manli Released video card GT240 supports GDDR5

Monday, November 23, 2009

Manli Technology Company introduced the line cards GT240. All three models (GT240 512M-D5, GT240 1G-D3 and GT240 512M-D3) are based on 40-nanometer graphics core, equipped with 96 stream processors and fully supports Microsoft Windows operating system 7. As noted Manli, video GT240 replace outdated line of NVIDIA GT9600.

Manli GT240 512M-D5 - this is the first video card NVIDIA, equipped with fast GDDR5 memory with increased bandwidth. Video Cards Manli GT240 supports the next generation operating system Windows 7 and DirectX10.1. Built-in HDMI connector allows you to transmit video and audio over a single cable, and it has DVI and VGA. GT240 512M-D5 has a core clock / memory 550 MHz / 3400 MHz, while the figures for GT240 1G-D3 and GT240 512M-D3 is 550 MHz / 1800 MHz. Memory reaches 512 MB DDR5 have GT240 512M-D5, 1 GB DDR3 from GT240 1G-D3 and 512 MB DDR3 from GT240 512M-D3.

All models Manli GT240 supports the interactive features of Blu-ray movies and HD DVD, enhance the image with the help of technology NVIDIA Pure Video of the second generation and create excellent special effects, thanks to technology NVIDIA PhysX. The package bundle Manli GT 240 includes cardboard 3D-glasses.