Motorola sold 100 thousand of Motorola DROID phones

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

News agency Bloomberg reported that the first weekend of sales of the new smartphone Motorola Droid proved very successful. Over the past since the release (on 6 November) days, was sold not less than 100 000 vehicles. That will speak about the successful return of the company to market high-tech devices. As of November 9, the operator Verizone Wireless was transferred 200 000 smartphones, of which the majority of stock in stores have less than half. According to the expert from the agency Broadpoint AmTech Inc. This allows you to count on the sale of at least 1 million devices with Google Android in the fourth quarter of 2009 and approximately 10 million smartphones in the next year.

Although Motorola and Verizone Wireless said that Motorola DROID has to compete with Apple iPhone, which sold in the U.S. operator AT & T, but to repeat the success of the latest model iPhone 3GS they failed - for the first weekend of this unit was sold in quantities of 1 million copies. But for Motorola, which has for a long time is in crisis, it is undeniable progress. The share of the corporation in the mobile market has declined only this year from 5,5 to 4,7%. Promotions Verizone Wireless for DROID apparatus built on demonstration are not typical for the iPhone. In Europe, Motorola DROID will be released under the name Milestone later.