Netbook Nokia Booklet 3G demand from business users

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The news agency Reuters citing the North's Heikki (Heikki Norta), head of corporate strategy for Nokia, increasing the number of different companies interested in the netbook Booklet 3G. Apparently, he was a good solution for corporate use, while Nokia originally positioned it as a consumer product. Recall, Nokia Booklet 3G is a thin and lightweight 10-inch netbook, the main features of which distinguishes it from the total mass of these devices are modules of 3G and GPS. In addition, not every netbook can support HD picture, while the Nokia Booklet 3G is such an opportunity.

In late October began selling the first netbook Nokia in Europe, where he is 575 euros without a contract and is somewhat cheaper - with the contract. For example, O2 sells Booklet 3G in Germany for 249 euros. And in the U.S. the device can be purchased from AT & T for $ 299 with a two-year contract.