A new contactless charging station by SANYO for consoles Nintendo Wii Remote

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Japanese company SANYO announced the release of its new contactless charging station for a wireless remote control Wii Remote game console Nintendo Wii. This station allows you to charge up to two such panels, connecting to the USB port on the console. In addition, the new station allows charging control panels connected to it with an optional accessory Wii MotionPlus, with great accuracy to monitor the situation and direction of the player's hand. But the main advantage of novelty lies in the fact that in order to charge the batteries that they do not need to get out of control, and also will not have to remove the protective cover and Wii Remote Jacket.

The model presented by the station number N-WR03S certified and licensed by Nintendo, and offers its owners, in addition to the high level of comfort and reliability, yet the function of identifying problems with charging (eg, short circuit, caused by hitting a variety of metal between the batteries and pads) stopping the supply voltage.

Start selling N-WR03S identified producer on 14 November this year.