New Fujitsu mainframe technology

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fujitsu Europe unveiled two new models in its line of mainframe BS2000/OSD. The company also announced support for guest operating systems Linux and Windows on the BS2000/OSD platform for their business servers average series SQ.

New models of business servers, S175 and S210 provide users with new opportunities for the consolidation of physical and virtual systems. S175 and S210 systems are designed to meet the needs of customers in high performance. Using 65-nm processor technology, Intel server performance has increased to 20%. In addition, a range of performance systems BS2000/OSD RPF increased from 170 to a record 5000 RPF (BS2000 system performance is measured using the test RPF. RPF 1 corresponds approximately 1,5 MIPS (million instructions per second). The standard configuration of S-servers now include processors with the ability to hot swap.

New high-performance server-class S210 provides support for the maximum number of virtual machines. It can be set to 15 computational units. With the advent of this system range performance systems BS2000/OSD expanded to 5000 RPF. In full configuration, the server supports up to four quad-core processors. The maximum number of computational units in the system is 16, and the amount of system memory is 256 GB. Dynamic allocation of I / O channels, the ability to install up to eight processors I / O with support for up to 256 peripheral channels and 64 Fibre Channel interfaces deliver high bandwidth I / O subsystem. New Series S175, including secondary and vocational levels, supports up to 64 GB of RAM and up to three processors. Range of performance of these systems ranges from 170 to 1020 RPF. Both systems will be available in mid-2010.

Fujitsu also introduced eight new models of its business server SQ100 with extended support for virtual machines. Business servers SQ100 intended to replace the mainframe average. They combine the scalability of mainframe and high performance Intel processor architecture x86. The new line of servers includes a single-processor model with a capacity of 12 RPF, two-and trehprotsessornye model, and a new four-processor system of professional-level performance by up to 200 RPF. The new servers SQ100 supports multiple guest operating systems will be available in mid-2010. In addition to several versions of "native" system BS2000/OSD, users can run mission-critical business applications of Linux and Windows in the selected guest operating systems.