New rumors: smartphone from Google will be released in 2010

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We have already mentioned in the news that the real "Guglofon", ie a smartphone under its own brand and based on Google platform Android, still has a chance to go out. Now, reported by TechCrunch and resource citing informed sources. According to him, the device is already being developed and will go on sale in early 2010. The smartphone will be made one of the largest companies, but will be sold exclusively under the brand name Google. Thus, TechCrunch notes that the earlier rumor that the producer of "Guglofona" will become High Tech Computer (HTC), is incorrect. Rather, it will be the Korean company - LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics.

While nothing is known about how it will look smart phone from Google, in what form factor it will be implemented and what will be its characteristics. In addition, information about the existence of "Guglofona" is still unofficial, the company Google stubbornly denies such rumors. Although, considering that they still occasionally seep into the network from various sources, we can assume that some basis of these data under a have.